Looking back at all the DLC releases for Bioware games in the past, you can sort of see that DLC doesn't come as quickly as other games. Typically, this isn't a problem for most games as there's a good bit of content available at release. (Or not, The Division.) Giving Bioware time to spice up their [...]


Starting today, we'll be available at the domain https://mrhorsegaming.blog as well as the previous domain https://mrhorsegaming.wordpress.com. If the new domain isn't working when you try it, you can still use the old domain. It takes up to 72 hours for the changes to be complete, so while it may be working now, it might not [...]

Just checked on Origin, and Patch 1.06 is available for download now. Just a reminder that the servers will be offline while they push this update, and probably for a short time after as well. The Origin patch is 1.29 Gb (picture is related but taken prior to the patch downloading.) https://twitter.com/masseffect/status/862317567783968770 Stay tuned here [...]

Each week, G2A has a sale that features games up to 80% off of normal prices. This week, the featured items are: Dark Souls III for $24.54 Steep (Gold Edition) [via Uplay] for $52.66 Arma 3 [Steam] for $22.91 Other notable items include: Civilization VI [Steam] for $34.75 GTAV [Steam] for $30.17 Watch Dogs 2 [...]

I recently took a few month break from playing The Division in an attempt to give Massive a chance to fix some of the major issues I was having with the game. The latest patch, or update, that I had played was The Underground DLC and I played for roughly 3 days before signing off for [...]