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Companies and big corporations have been trying for years to make us pay more for internet services. With the recent vote to begin trashing the Obama-approved net neutrality rules, I decided to do some detective work and bring some information/proof of just how internet service providers attempt to get away with sleazy practices. 2005 - [...]


An enterprising Reddit user by the handle of u/SneakyBadAss took the time to re-edit the 2016 movie Passengers into a horror movie. The new edit puts you in the perspective of Jennifer Laurence. The linked upload (to Google Drive) is currently down due to Google's share/download limits to shared Drive files. However, I'm currently working on [...]

Starting today, we'll be available at the domain as well as the previous domain If the new domain isn't working when you try it, you can still use the old domain. It takes up to 72 hours for the changes to be complete, so while it may be working now, it might not [...]

Hello all, decided to write this because it took me 20 minutes of farting around looking at Google searches to find the information I needed. A few days ago, actually like two weeks but who cares, my iPhone 6s Plus decided to die at low battery. Usually, not a problem at all and easily fixable [...]

Made some changes to the navigation menu, mostly due to the presence of a game that I no longer play or even keep up with. After the drama around Elysium the last few months, I decided to keep my distance and stop playing. Never a good sign when a dev team lies to their community, [...]

It's that fabulous time of year where all the Cajuns in South Louisiana gather around, get drunk, park on the side of the road, barbecue, and yell loudly to get Mardi Gras beads thrown to at them. That's right, I said MARDI-FUCKING-GRAS people. I'll be uploading stuff to Instagram, posting on Twitter, and putting posts up [...]

In a few hours, Amaranthe will playing with a few other bands (which I'll admit, I don't know/haven't heard about) tonight at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill. They are the headlining act, with Failure Anthem, Cypher 16, and another opening up for them. These guys are a Swedish band, and since I started listening to [...]

Today, while driving back home from work, I happened upon a little bit of a EUREKA! moment. Typically, I do all my thinking in my 35 minute drive home from work, it's some personal time and I get to really hash out ideas, thoughts, and other random shit. Most people do it in the shower, [...]