Andromeda Mods

Starting with the latest news the Bioware is dropping all support for Mass Effect Andromeda, I decided to get into the modding bit. There are some fairly straight-forward mods I’ve been working on (and countless others I’ve messed around on) so I’ll be posting the released mods here for an active archive. There are two main categories for mods, Single Player and Multiplayer. Currently, there will not be any further categories until it gets unorganized or out of hand. And so, without further ado, I officially release my first MEAMP mod!

For any mods to work, you need to download the below zip file and place the two DLLs in the root folder of your Mass Effect Andromeda install location.

Download Link



No Scope Zoom & HUD

Removes scope HUD/UI and zoom when aiming with a sniper rifle. Also changes the reticule used to the ones for assault rifles. Applied to all sniper rifles.

NoSniperZoom-1.2 (Direct Download)

No Scope HUD

Removes ONLY the scope HUD when zoomed in. This mod will not play nice with my other SR mod, No Scope Zoom & HUD.

No Scope HUD-1.0

Mirror Download

No Ammo

This mod is currently a work-in-progress. Each release will include more weapon types that have all ammo removed from them. I’m posting these early releases because I need some testing done to make sure everything is working as intended. Detailed information is contained within the ReadMe files for each compressed file, but each link below has a summary of the changes. Each release includes the changes from the previous release.

Long term, this mod will improve melee damage, make all melees detonators, decrease cooldown times, increase power damage slightly, and adjust player character health/shield values. This mod is not currently being worked on.

NoWeaponsinMP-0.1 [Only removes ammo from assault rifles.]

NoWeaponsinMP-0.2 [Removes ammo from pistols, but not SMGs.]

NoWeaponsinMP-0.3 [Removes ammo from SMGs.]

NoWeaponsinMP-0.4 [Removes ammo from shotguns.]

Kit Mods

These mods adjust the powers and passives available on certain kits in MP. Note that these will work correctly (for you) if you host, but not otherwise. Additionally, if you use these in public lobbies, you could get banned. Do not use these in public lobbies! *Note: These do not adjust damage/health/shields at all. All values remain as they are in the unmodded game.

Michael Bay Kit – Explosions Everywhere

Gives the Salarian Infiltrator Charge in place of Tactical Cloak.

Download – MichaelBay-1.0

Folly’s Mod – Human Kineticist

Removes Lance from the HK and adds Warp in its place. 
All stats and formulas are working, including Ascension effects on Warp (I.E. no cooldown when Ascended.) 
(Requested on the Super Friends Discord.)

Download – FollysMod-1.2

Folly’s Mod – Turian Agent

Replaces Flamethrower with Turbocharge 

Replaces Support Systems with Combat Fitness. 

(Requested on the Super Friends Discord.)

Download – FollysMod-TA-1.0

Taha’s Gladiator

Upcoming update will fix the Krogan Hammer not detonating combos.

Version 1.0
Replaces Pull with Charge on the Krogan Gladiator.
(Requested on the Super Friends Discord.)

Download – TahaGladiator-1.0