Ultra Rare Drop Rates in Mass Effect: Andromeda

So the over the last few weeks, I’ve been documenting the number of Ultra Rares (or N7) drops I’ve been getting from Premium Packs in MEA. The number is astoundingly low, and, for what it’s worth, takes a LOT of credits to get there.

First off, I just want to say that I actually enjoy playing this game. And, while the game is grindy and slow in the beginning, it’s overall pretty decent (except for lag sync kills and teleporting Fiends.) That being said, the one thing I didn’t realize was just how much of a grind the multiplayer can actually be.


I’ve done a number of tests, with several million credits. And by several, I’m approaching 40 million total.

The first test, I save up 12 million credits. I didn’t think to get this on video, but it takes fucking ages to open 120+ premium packs. Seriously. At the time I did this, I didn’t have all my Rares maxed out to Rank X yet. Seriously, of the 12 million credits, it took over 10 million to max out just the rares. I didn’t count the drop rate, because I wasn’t curious yet.


The next session I did involved 4.2 million credits. I went for the Premium Packs, because all I needed (and still do need) were the ultra rares/N7 cards. Of those 42 packs, 210 drops possible, I had a disparaging 8 N7 drops. Fucking. Eight. Doing the math, 8/210= .038 or 3.8% drop rate. Ok, well that was just a small sample, so I decided to go again.

I saved up for days, eventually deciding that 5.4 million credits would suffice. That’s 96 PP, pretty close to 100. Of the new 54 openings, I had 12 N7 drops over 270 possible drops. This gave me a slightly better rate, at 4.4%. And total over the 96 packages, with 20 drops in 480 possibilities… That’s an abysmal 4.1% drop rate. It’s absurdly low considering that there are currently 5 N7 characters, and 12 N7 weapons. Which, by the way, you need to get 10 times each to get full use of the character. (Skill points and customization are locked behind ranks for each card.)


And, while it’s hard to get drops at all now, you’ll be stocking up on consumables at an extremely fast pace at this rate. Well, sort of, considering that the average match is 15 minutes to get 50K credits if you extract. Yes, think about that for a moment. You need to play for 30 minutes, or more if you have to solo a few waves,  to get enough credits for a single pack. Yeah, go ahead and try to stock up credits. It’s fucking hard. Also, 5.4 million credits, divided by 50K, is 108 matches… multiply by 15 minutes…. divide by sixty… 27 hours of play time. (I didn’t do this all myself, I’ve had a few buddies keeping me online and playing while I’m at work/asleep/doing life things/or writing this blog post.

One bonus is that there is the chance to get a double N7 drop every once in a while. I had one during both sessions, which helped to keep the rate up when the server detected low rates (I assume this. It usually happened when I had a gap of 10-15 packs without an N7 drop.) Multiplayer is a HUGE time sink that has very little gains over the course of the hours you have to put in.

You can view the actual opening process below, which is roughly a 5 minute process.